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The Koblenz Network Collection

KONECT (the Koblenz Network Collection) is a project to collect large network datasets of all types in order to perform research in network science and related fields, collected by the Institute of Web Science and Technologies at the University of Koblenz–Landau.

KONECT contains several hundred network datasets of various types, including directed, undirected, bipartite, weighted, unweighted, signed and rating networks. The networks of KONECT cover many diverse areas such as social networks, hyperlink networks, authorship networks, physical networks, interaction networks, and communication networks. The KONECT project has developed free software network analysis tools which are used to compute network statistics, to draw plots and to implement various link prediction algorithms. The result of these analyses are presented on these pages. Whenever we are allowed to do so, we provide a download of the networks.

KONECT currently holds 261 networks, of which
  • 63 are undirected,
  • 107 are directed,
  • 91 are bipartite,
  • 125 are unweighted,
  • 90 allow multiple edges,
  • 6 have signed edges,
  • 10 have ratings as edges,
  • 3 allow multiple weighted edges,
  • 18 allow positive weighted edges,
  • and 89 have edge arrival times.