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Edge weights

Networks in KONECT may have various edge weights:

  • An unweighted network has edges that are unweighted, and only a single edge is allowed between any two nodes.
  • In a network with multiple edges two nodes can be connected by any number of edges, and all edges are unweighted. This type of network is also called a multigraph.
  • In a positive network edges are annotated with positive weights, and only a single edge is allowed between any node pair.
  • In a signed network both positive and negative edges are allowed. Positive and negative edges are represented by positive and negative edge weights. Many networks of this type have only the weights \(\pm 1\), but in the general case we allow any nonzero weight.
  • Rating networks have arbitrary real edge weights. They differ from positive and signed networks in that the edge weights are interpreted as an interval scale, and thus the value zero has no special meaning. Adding a constant to all edge weights does not change the semantics of a rating network. Ratings can be discrete, such as the one-to-five star ratings, or continuous, such as a rating given in percent. This type of network allows only a single edge between two nodes.
  • Networks with multiple ratings have edges annotated with rating values, and allow multiple edges between two nodes.
  • Dynamic networks are networks in which edges can appear and disappear. They are always temporal. Individual edges are not weighted.