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Metadata of networks are restricted to timestamps of edges as of this writing, but other metadata of nodes or edges may be added in the future.

  • Temporal networks include a timestamp for each edge, and thus the network can be reconstructed for any moment in the past.
  • Dataset includes entity metadata.
  • The network is acyclic. Can only be set for directed networks. If this is not set, a directed network must contain at least two pairs of reciprocal edges of the form \((u,v)\) and \((v,u)\).
  • The network is incomplete, i.e., not all edges or nodes are included. This implies that for instance its degree distribution is not meaningful.
  • This tag is used for undirected networks which are based on an underlying directed network. For instance, in a citation network, we may only know that the documents A and B are linked, but not which one cites the other. In such a case, the network in KONECT is undirected, although the underlying network is actually directed.
  • The network may contain loops, i.e., egdes connecting a vertex to itself. This tag is only allowed for unipartite networks. When this tag is not present, loops are not allowed, and the presence of loops will be considered an error by analysis code.
  • Must be set if it is allowed for edge weights to be zero. Only used for networks with positive edge weights and signed networks.