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About this network

This is the friendship network of the online social site Friendster. Nodes represent users and a directed edge indicates that the user on the left side has added the user on the right side to his friendship lists. The network is directed as adding a user to ones friendship list does not imply that the added user has marked the other user as a friend, too. As some of the friendships lists are private some information is missing in the network.

Network info

Category Social
Data source https://archive.org/details/friendster-dataset-201107
Vertex type User
Edge type Friendship
FormatDirected: Edges are directed Directed
Edge weightsUnweighted: Simple edges Unweighted
Metadata Incomplete:   not all edges or nodes from the original dataset are included Incomplete
Size68,349,466 vertices (users)
Volume2,586,147,869 edges (friendships)
Average degree (overall)75.674 edges / vertex
Diameter38 edges


TSV file:downloadfriendster.tar.bz2 (12.04 GiB)


[1] Friendster network dataset -- KONECT, April 2017. [ http ]